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Syspay is an electronic money institution, an online payment system, the first one licensed in Malta, on the 24th of October 2011. It is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority, thus allowing us to operate throughout the European Union. With the SysPay online payment solution, you can accept electronic payments from all over the world. Issue electronic money – prepaid cards, coupons – transfer money, pay your suppliers. SysPay also markets its Receptio solution suitable for professional rental companies as well as the hotel industry. With Receptio, you can easily create security deposits, perform pre-authorisations and detect payment risks specific to credit cards. SysPay only markets an online payment solution that it owns.

SysPay limited does offer credits or sell stocks, like other electronic payment systems do. SysPay reduces the systemic risks linked to such activity. We do not put our clients’ businesses at risk.

SysPay limited is privately owned by SYSCOMMERCE  Group limited and devotes all of its resources to its online payment solution. Our customers can count on our reliability and are immune
to the systemic risks associated with other types of activities. Our many years of experience allow us to fully understand our customers’ issues and educate them on all the ins and outs of e-payment.

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PCI DSS compliance

To cash a Visa or Mastercard without the physical presence of the cardholder, card associations require the application of PCI DSS. The purpose of this standard is to prevent your customers’ banking data being compromised. The use of our online payment solution allows our customers to avoid investing heavily in security and leaves them free to perform all operations requiring the storage of bank card data. Our recurring  payments solution, without card presentation, is strategic in the hospitality industry, rental line of business or any e-commerce which business model requires a regular subscription or a deferred payment.

Our secure payment gateway is focused on providing payment processing platforms to merchants, offering a tailored and bespoke solution to each of our customers.

We have developed a range of solutions specifically for hotels under Receptio brand. It automatizes the work done manually at the reception (booking verification, pre-arrival, check-in, post stay) , so the concierge is fully dedicated to your clients satisfaction.

With SysPay, one real person will manage your account, will be available in your native language to answer your questions, solve your issues, adapt SysPay solution to your business. You are not a product with SysPay, but a client we value, with a real account manager taking care of your business. You won’t be left alone with robots answering your queries, or with just a complex guidance PDF to reach your funds like many online payment systems do.

By using SysPay, you will save yourself from applying PCI DD standards which consist in :

– creating and managing a secure network,

– protecting cardholders data;-maintaining a security plan;

– limiting access to data to people whose identity must be verified;

– testing continuously and monitoring the network where data is transmitted and stored;- applying an access policy concerning digital security to all staff.

Syspay provides you with an online payment solution that fulfils all PCI DSS obligations at its highest level. Our payment system is audited, tested and certified by Advantio, a qualified security auditor.

Our online payment system takes security to its highest level: PCI 3.2 level 1. Each of our customers can process up to six million Visa or MasterCard
transactions. We can also accept customers who have suffered an attack in the past that compromised their customers’ card data and thus allow them to continue their activities.

What and where do we process?

Our payment module reach the world for you. No matter the currency, SysPay is able to accept a payment from almost any card emitted in the hereunder listed countries: Sweden, Norway, Danemark, Switzerland, UK, Germany, UK, USA, France, Canada, Turkey, Mexico, Hungaria, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Australia and many more countries. Our payment module helps you to reach out to the world. The module also accepts 21 different methods of payments, which allows you to stick to the consumers habits and thus have a higher conversion rate.

SysPay accepts credit card, prepaid cards, payment cards from your clients.


Syspay is proud to be approved by 95 percent of the card companies working in Europe and holds an official license valid to process payments anywhere in the European Union. Our payment system is a member of the biggest cards associations, like VISA, MASTERCARD, etc.

No sensitive data goes to our servers. Our solution is PSP2 compliant. We comply with the European Directive 2, increasing security of online transactions. All card data are processed through our credit card vault, which is built on the most stringent security and encryption methods. All transactions are secured over HTTPS/TLS. SysPay company incorporated in Malta, a registered and licensed payment institution bearing registration number C51532. Its registered office is located at 3B Wied Ghomor Street, STJ 2041, St. Julian’s, Malta.

SysPay is duly licensed by the MFSA to operate as an Electronic Money Institution in terms of the Financial Institutions Act (Chapter 376, Laws of Malta). Electronic money on your Account is issued in accordance with the European Electronic Money Directive (Directive 2009/110/EC of 16th September 2009). SysPay has been PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Security Standarts) Data certified since 2011, this means we use the highest level of existing security while handling confidential information. We are GDPR compliant.

Our clients say

"We have had a business relationship with Syspay for the past 5 years. Syspay All-in One payment solutions have been an excellent company to be in partnership with. They are very professional in a friendly and supportive manner. The guest experience runs smoothly and gives confidence."
"We use SysPay for all our card transactions. Everything works well and we can easily monitor our transactions as well. The service is fast and efficient. We are very satisfied."

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